What is Teledentistry?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional dentistry procedures are no longer possible. While businesses are handling emergency cases if needed, regular dental care isn’t practiced. At Park Dental, Dr. Siddhi Patel, a dentist in Hilliard, OH, is also offering teledentistry. But what is teledentistry and how does it work? Dr. Patel offers some answers.

What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is a high-tech way to continue dental care. Many other industries have been furthering their outreach with updated technologies, and dentistry is no exception. Teledentistry allows you to do things like video calling to assist in the diagnosis of your issues, as well as getting more information and education about your oral health.

The Benefits of Teledentistry

During normal times, teledentistry is a convenient way to take care of dental concerns you may have. If you work odd hours, are busy with children’s activities, or just have a tight schedule, it’s a lot easier to do an appointment via technology than it is to make your way into an office. With the pandemic, it’s a good way to get your dentist’s opinion on your issue, particularly if you’re not sure if it’s considered a dental emergency.

One of the best implementations for teledentistry is orthodontic checkups. People that have braces, Invisalign, or other treatments for crooked teeth often have to go into the office at least monthly so that their progress can be monitored. While you may have to go sometimes to get adjustments, it’s much easier to use teledentistry for the orthodontist or dentist to just see how things are progressing.

Visits to the dentist have been on the decline. With teledentistry, it can help people get the care they need in a more convenient way. Many people feel more comfortable communicating with technology. Also, many people may experience dental anxiety. Teledentistry gives them a way to talk with the dentist and hopefully eliminate some of that dental fear.

Teledentistry helps get dental care to more members of the population. In rural areas, it may be a pretty long trek to the nearest dental office. For elderly and disabled people, it may be hard to leave home. Teledentistry gives these people the tools they need to keep up with their oral health.

Lastly, teledentistry helps open up the dentist’s office for patients that really need to be seen there. If you have just a question about a problem you have, this is much easier to do with teledentistry instead of having to go all the way into the office and sit in the waiting room just for that. The office can then focus on patients that’ll be doing actual procedures.

Teledentistry With Your Hilliard, Ohio Dentist

At Park Dental, we can use teledentistry during this time to take a look at any problems you may have. As we’re still taking care of dental emergencies in our office, we can use teledentistry if you’re not sure if an emergency visit is warranted. If you were scheduled for a checkup, that can also take place with teledentistry if you don’t want to wait.

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