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Benefits of Dental Implants Hilliard, OH

Dr. Siddhi Patel can help you achieve a stable, natural-looking smile after tooth loss using dental implants. A comprehensive treatment option that addresses the loss of structure both above and below the gum line, dental implants can give you back natural function and aesthetics. Dr. Patel can replace one missing tooth or secure a full arch of lost teeth with dental implants.

benefits of dental implants, hilliard oh dentist

Why Choose Dental Implants?

When it comes to replacing missing teeth or choosing the right type of denture, Dr. Patel offers a personalized approach to your dental care. From digital diagnostics to coordinated care for all of your needs, our dental care team is committed to providing the best possible patient experience. Whenever possible, Dr. Patel recommends the use of dental implants for tooth replacement. This is because of the key benefits that they can offer for both function and long term dental health and wellness. Dental implants will give you back a permanent smile that feels and looks like it has always been there, allowing you to enjoy your best quality of life.

Choosing dental implants can offer:

  • Improved bone stability: when a tooth is lost, so is the tooth root. The implanted post will serve as a replacement tooth root and help to support natural bone tissue in the jaw. Without it, most patients will experience a gradual loss of bone in the area of lost teeth. This lends a more aged appearance as the jaw and the lower face become sunken around lost tooth roots.
  • Normal bite force and chewing function: stable and secure, your dental implants will enable you to enjoy your favorite foods without the fear of your dentures or restorations slipping or breaking.
  • Normal speech patterns: missing teeth and poorly fitted dentures often affect your daily quality of life, limiting your diet and making conversation difficult. A secure new smile with dental implants make it possible to speak clearly and confidently. Normal speech patterns also support a healthier bite as well as your send of self-confidence in social and professional interactions.
  • Minimal maintenance: once your dental implants or implant-supported dentures are healed and in place, you can care for your smile as you did with your natural teeth. Daily brushing, flossing, and regular visits with Dr. Patel will help you to maintain your dental health.
  • Healthier gums: dental implants do not cause irritation to the gums or soft tissues. Because they are secure and do not move there is a greatly reduced incidence of gum disease and changes to the structure of the gums. The supported bone tissue also helps to maintain the natural shape of your gums, jaw and lower face.

Ready to learn more about implant dentistry?

Dr. Patel offers dental implant consultations and second opinions for patients with missing teeth or those seeking to change a slipping denture. She will meet with you to evaluate your needs and provide a comprehensive treatment plan for your consideration. To schedule a consultation contact our office at 614-405-7275 or request one online. This is the first step towards a beautiful new smile and a better quality of life after tooth loss.