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Dental Implants vs Dentures Hilliard, OH

Dr. Siddhi Patel is a talented dentist located in Hilliard, OH that offers several solutions to replace damaged or missing teeth. While dental implants are unsurpassed in terms of quality and longevity, the best treatment for you will depend on your needs and cosmetic goals.

Dental Implants Hilliard, OH

Patients missing most or all of their upper and/or lower teeth will need to look at the pros and cons of traditional dentures and dentures that are supported by dental implants. Dr. Patel will need to evaluate your teeth, gums, bone structure and health before presenting you with options. The staff at Park Dental will do their best to help you figure out which option is right for you.

Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental Implants

Implant supported dentures offer many benefits to your health, quality of life, and appearance. When an entire arch of teeth are missing, Dr. Patel will recommend replacing the teeth with a denture that is supported with anywhere from two to eight dental implants. The pros of choosing this option include:

  • A better overall quality of life
  • Better self-esteem
  • Teeth that will not slip or shift in your mouth since the implants are surgically placed
  • The presence of the implant in your jawbone will prevent bone deterioration
  • The restoration is not bulky and offers a natural appearance and smile
  • They offer a normal chewing function
  • There are little to no eating restrictions
  • The success rate is over 95%
  • They are more comfortable and feel like natural teeth
  • With proper care and regular visit to Dr. Patel in Hilliard, OH, your dental implants can last a lifetime

While this is the number one choice for replacing teeth, there are few cons that need to be considered. Dental implants are much more expensive when compared to dentures. The entire process also takes a lot longer. Depending on your unique circumstances, it could take up to a year to have the final denture placed. The average process time is about five to eight months.


Dentures have been around for many years and have helped people with missing teeth lead a normal life. With advances in dental technology, dentures look very natural today. But when compared to teeth implants, there are not as many benefits. The cons to choosing dentures include:

  • They are bulky and typically uncomfortable
  • They may require adhesive to stay in place in your mouth
  • Caring for and wearing dentures will take some time to get used to
  • They are known to slip around in your mouth making talking and eating difficult
  • More difficult to chew food
  • They do not replace the tooth root and you will suffer from bone loss
  • They require maintenance and will need to eventually be replaced

There are a few pros to choosing traditional, removable dentures. They will cost significantly less in the beginning. Also, the process to have them fitted, fabricated and placed will only take about 3-6 weeks.

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