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Multiple Dental Implants Hilliard, OH

If you want a permanent solution for your missing teeth, multiple dental implants is the answer. When all (or most) of a patients teeth along an arch are gone or need extracted, Hilliard, OH dentist Dr. Siddhi Patel will recommend a dental implant supported restoration to replace them. She can replace them with anywhere from two to eight implants that will support a custom made denture or dental bridge.

multiple dental implants hilliard oh

Multiple Dental Implants Options

Implant Supported Bridge– Several consecutive missing teeth can be replaced with an implant supported dental bridge. Dr. Patel will implant at least two dental implants on each side of the gap. They will be used to support the bridgework as well as replace the missing tooth roots. This is a less invasive option than replacing each missing tooth with a single dental implant. Another option is to replace these teeth with a partial denture but this option is not as stable. Partial dentures can shift and move in the mouth and often the metal frame holding it in place is visible when speaking.

Implant Supported Denture– An entire arch of teeth can be replaced with an implant supported denture. Dr. Patel will surgically place up to eight dental implants in the jaw along the arch. They will support a custom made denture and provide stimulation for the jaw bone. Unlike traditional dentures, denture implants will not move around in the mouth, are less bulky and will feel completely natural. They also allow people to enjoy a diet without many restrictions and will help them smile with more confidence.

Why Choose Multiple Dental Implants?

Choosing a dental implant supported restoration when you are missing most or all of your teeth is the best choice for your oral health, overall health and your appearance. Dental implants are the only solution available that will replace the missing tooth root and provide the necessary stimulation to reduce the chance of bone loss. People who are missing teeth and wear dentures will experience bone loss that causes their face to sink in. This will make the patient appear older than they really are. They also have to avoid certain food which limits the amount of healthy food they can consume. Dental implants allow you to consume a healthy diet and avoid premature aging from bone loss.

The Cost of Multiple Dental Implants

There is no hiding the fact that choosing dental implants over a traditional denture is going to cost you more. The total cost of your implant treatment will be dependent on many factors. These factors include the number and location of missing teeth, the number of dental implants you will need to secure a restoration, the types of material used in your restoration and your dental insurance coverage. After an examination, Dr. Patel will create a treatment plan and our team will give you an estimated cost of your treatment. Our helpful staff will work with you to determine your insurance benefits and help you maximize them.

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