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Sedation Dentistry Hilliard, OH

Dental anxiety and fear are common causes of poor oral health. Dr. Siddhi Patel and the dental care team at Park Dental welcome anxious and fearful patients to experience the difference that our compassionate care can offer. Sedation dentistry can enable you to restore the health, function and natural beauty of your smile.

Dr. Patel takes a personalized approach to your dental care needs including dental sedation. We will discuss your medical history and personal concerns to ensure a safe experience. We offer conscious sedation which enables you to be responsive and in control of your bodily functions while feeling completely relaxed and left with little to no memory of your preventative dental procedure.

Dental Sedation in Hilliard: What are the options?

Dr. Patel offers two types of conscious sedation at Park Dental. She will work with you to choose the best solution for your needs and overall physical health.

  • Oral conscious sedation: Dr. Patel can prescribe a sedative which is often taken at home a prescribed amount of time before your appointment. Patients using oral sedation will need an escort both to and from their dental appointment.
  • Nitrous Oxide: also known as “laughing gas”, Nitrous Oxide is inhalation sedation administered through a tiny cannula placed beneath the nose. This type of sedation takes effect and wear off almost immediately and many patients are able to drive themselves to and from their appointment.

IV sedation

When appropriate Dr. Patel can coordinate the use of IV sedation with a local anesthesiologist who will come to our office. This type of sedation will allow the patient to be “asleep” during treatment with no memory afterward. The anesthesiologist is monitoring your vitals throughout to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. This type of sedation may be recommended for a highly invasive procedure, the need for several procedures at once or patients with severe anxiety.