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Dental Bridges Hilliard, OH

A missing tooth or several consecutive lost teeth can be replaced with a dental bridge. A fixed oral appliance, a dental bridge will close the gap created when a tooth or teeth are lost and restore normal bite function. Dr. Siddhi Patel is an experienced restorative dentist in Hilliard, OH. She works with patients who have lost teeth or need teeth extracted to replace them with the most suitable option and to restore a beautiful smile.

dental bridge for missing teeth hilliard oh
Traditional dental bridges were removable and while this option is still available for certain circumstances, a fixed bridge is a preferred treatment recommended to most patients. Permanently secured in place a fixed bridge can offer the most natural-looking result and stability for normal chewing and confident speech. Dr. Patel will take the time to thoroughly evaluate the condition of your oral health and to discuss your concerns and goals before recommending treatment options for your consideration.

Dental bridges can be secured using your existing teeth or new dental implants. If existing teeth are to be the anchors for the bridge they will most likely be strengthened with the placement of dental crowns for long term stability. Dental implants can be used to secure a bridge with the most stable and lasting result. Dr. Patel will recommend this option for most patients in good oral health because of the important benefits they offer for overall health and the structure of your smile.

Tooth replacement can be an overwhelming process and we make every effort to educate you on your options, what to expect along the way and predicted outcomes. Our goal is to help you regain a smile that supports your best quality of life and long term dental health and wellness.

About the dental bridge process

The placement of a dental bridge begins with a consultation and digital diagnostics. Proper analysis and treatment planning are the keys to the best possible result. Once a plan is in place we will coordinate each step in the process to accommodate your needs and schedules. If a dental implant is being placed the surgical implantation of the post will be performed by a local specialist and several months healing time will be needed before the permanent restoration is attached.

Dental impressions are taken after the post is implanted or the anchor teeth are capped with crowns and a custom dental bridge is made for your smile. A temporary bridge is often placed between phases to restore function and allow your soft tissue to adjust to the new appliance. In some cases, a second set of impressions may be taken after using a temporary to accommodate for changes in the gums and surrounding tissue.

Dr. Patel will place or secure your new dental bridge when complete and all tissues have healed. We recommend regular visits to our office for routine dental care to maintain the life of your new appliance and your overall dental health. We will monitor the condition of the bridge as part of routine care and recommend any additional treatment if needed to address changes in your dental health or damage.