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Dentures have been the traditional treatment option for replacing an upper or lower arch of missing teeth. Today’s patients enjoy not only vastly improved materials but techniques that can offer a permanent smile replacement using dental implants. An experienced and highly trained dentist in Hilliard, OH, Dr. Siddhi Patel works with edentulous patients on an individual basis to create personalized treatment plans.

Park Dental offers comprehensive tooth replacement in a compassionate environment where patient-focused care is the foundation of our dental practice. Dr. Patel can place dentures, partial dentures and implant-supported dentures depending on your unique dental health needs and cosmetic goals. We place cosmetic dentures that are customized to your natural appearance and the fit of your bite. Dr. Patel takes a thorough approach to the evaluation of your teeth and gums and treatment planning to ensure an optimal and comfortable result. Your new smile should look and feel like your natural teeth in order to restore your best quality of life each day and a renewed confidence in your appearance.

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Types of Dentures

There are two basic types of dentures: partial and full. Partial dentures are similar to dental bridges and replace several consecutive missing teeth. A full denture is made to fit your upper or lower arch. Both types of dentures can be supported by dental implants for a final result that is permanently secured into your jaw bone. Whenever appropriate Dr. Patel will recommend the use of implants to secure a denture or partial denture because of the key benefits that they can offer for your overall dental health and bite function.

Placing Dentures: About the Process

After your initial consultation and digital diagnostics for treatment planning, Dr. Patel will provide all treatment options for your consideration. We take the time in all instances to educate you on your oral health, our concerns and your most suitable options for treatment. We believe that a well-informed patient is key to a successful result and that this also supports the best possible patient experience.

The process for placing a denture will vary, depending on the use of implants or the need for tooth extractions or other treatments to stabilize your oral health. If implants are being placed we will coordinate the initial surgical placement of the posts with a local oral surgeon. Follow up treatment and the remainder of your procedure will be completed in our office.

After the implants have healed or all pre-placement treatments are complete we will take dental impressions for the creation of a custom cosmetic denture. A temporary is often placed during the early stages of treatment to restore function and aesthetics to your smile. Once complete the new denture will be placed or secured to your implants and you can begin to enjoy a renewed confidence in your appearance and the ability to eat and speak more comfortably.

Caring for Dentures

Dr. Patel and our dental care team will provide personalized care instructions for your new denture or implant-supported denture. It is important to maintain a good oral health routine at home and visit with us twice a year so that we can monitor the condition of your denture and surrounding soft tissues.

Implant secured dentures will be cared for in much the same way you care for natural teeth. A removable denture will require daily cleaning to avoid infection of the gums and to maintain a stable fit when in place.

Schedule A Dental Consultation

Dr. Patel welcomes new patients and can offer a second opinion for your tooth replacement needs. To schedule a consultation and discuss your needs contact our office at 614-405-7275 or request one online.