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Our dentist may recommend complete or partial dentures to replace your missing teeth. We will examine your mouth to determine if traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures are the right option for you. Call Park Dental at 614-405-7275 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Siddhi Patel and learn more about dentures and partials in Hilliard, Ohio.

Dentures are one of the oldest prosthetics designed to replace multiple missing teeth, and as a reliable option for restoring your smile’s beauty and function, they are still popular today. Dentures not only allow their users to eat and speak properly, but they also support your facial volume, enhancing your overall appearance for a beautiful final result.

Dentures can either be complete, meaning they replace all the teeth in both your upper and lower dental arch, or partial, meaning they attach to your remaining teeth through a thin framework of clasps in order to secure your fit and maintain your natural, healthy teeth. In both cases, the denture is customized to fit comfortably into your mouth.

Your denture can also be designed to be removable, as many traditional dentures are, or they can be anchored into place with dental implants for a permanent solution to missing teeth. Our dentist will take the time to review all of your denture options with you beforehand so you can make an educated choice for your smile.

Designing, fitting and comfortably placing your denture will take multiple visits to our office, and after you have received your denture or dentures, our team will instruct you on how to properly care for the appliance so it can last you as long as possible. Just as with your natural teeth, it is important to schedule regular dental check-ins to make sure that the denture fits and functions as intended.

To learn more about dentures and how you may be able to benefit from one, call our office to schedule your appointment with our dentist.

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