What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of transparent, custom-made trays that fit snugly over your teeth. Each set is worn for a designated period, gradually shifting your teeth into alignment.

Key Benefits:


Discreet:: Virtually invisible for subtle treatment.


Comfortable: Smooth plastic is less irritating than metal brackets.


Removable: Enjoy meals and brushing without restrictions.


Predictable Results: See your future smile with digital simulations.

Invisalign vs. SureSmile: Which is Right for Me?

We'll evaluate your individual needs and discuss factors like complexity of orthodontic treatment and personal preferences to determine the best option.



Industry Pioneer

Invisalign is a well-known and trusted leader in clear aligners with extensive experience and a commitment to patient comfort.


Proven Results

Invisalign has successfully helped countless patients achieve their dream smiles, addressing a wide range of orthodontic cases.



Cutting-Edge Precision

SureSmile leverages advanced digital planning and robotic technology for exceptional accuracy. This precision is ideal for complex orthodontic issues or patients seeking highly customized treatment plans.


Doctor-Driven Excellence

SureSmile empowers your dentist to create a meticulously personalized plan, ensuring your treatment aligns perfectly with your goals and achieving optimal results.


Advanced Treatment Options

In many cases, SureSmile treatment may offer a streamlined experience with fewer aligners and potentially shorter treatment time compared to other clear aligner systems.

Your Clear Aligner Journey


Smile Evaluation:

A thorough exam assesses your eligibility and goals.


Personalized Treatment Plan:

Advanced 3D scans and simulations create your digital smile transformation.


Wear Your Aligners:

Follow our guidelines for optimal results.


Celebrate Your New Smile!

Enjoy your straight, confident grin!

We prioritize top-notch results while respecting your busy schedule; this streamlined, two-visit approach guarantees a flawless outcome with minimal fuss.


Don't let crooked or misaligned teeth hold you back.  Embrace the power of a beautiful smile with clear aligners. Contact Park Dental to discover if Invisalign or SureSmile is the key to your smile transformation.

Glowing testimonials from our satisfied patients.

I was very pleased and appreciative of the kind, courteous and wonderful care that the staff and doctors at Park Dental that I received on my last two recent visits. I was blown away about the state of the art of equipment that they used to better serve their patients. Dr. Joseph is a beautiful soul inside and out I thank God for her and Dr Patel. Much love and gratitude looking forward to seeing them and their stuff again. They have gained a new patient for life.

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Maureen Lynn


Park Dental is great! It’s been a long time since I have been to a dentist office where everyone is pleasant and kind. I wasn’t anxious in the chair. And it was quite obvious they work well as a team. I am happy to have found a permanent dental office!

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Barb Wills


I have never been so satisfied with a health care provider. The entire staff at Park Dental is outstanding. Dr. Patel and her staff are so kind, and go the extra mile for amazing service. Beautiful and very clean office with state of the art equipment! As someone who truly is anxious about going to the dentist, I can finally say I do not want to go anywhere else!

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Annamaria Balti


I've been looking for a local Hilliard dentist that I like for a while now. After my first visit here, I am confident in saying that I found my dentist. The whole staff was very nice and the office is well kept. Dr. Nash was well-versed and her attention to detail inspecting some of the past work I have had done was very astute. I would highly recommend. If they don't accept your insurance, ask about their in house plan.

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Steven Brandt


WOW! Some changes have taken place including a new name and new doctors. I was MORE than pleased; I was HAPPY! Dr. Siddha Patel is terrific. She is so professional, down-to-earth, a great listener and fantastic communicator. She's what everyone would love to have from a dentist. Jill, as always, was terrific - she did my cleaning. Jill has a great bedside manner, honest, compassionate and friendly. They make a GREAT TEAM!!!!

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Jeanette Talamo


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