The Treatment is Less Invasive

While the thought of a laser can be scary, laser dentistry is actually less invasive than normal techniques. Since the laser is precise, it pinpoints the exact location where treatment is needed. This means you have a lot less damage to any surrounding tissue.Again, since the treatment is targeted, the side effects are often minimal compared to full oral surgery. There still may be swelling and bleeding, but it won’t be near as much.

Recovery is Faster

The recovery process after oral surgery is never fun. However, a laser can actually stimulate the healing process in your soft tissue. Combine this with being less invasive, and the recovery time can be significantly shorter than normal surgery.

It Can Treat a Variety of Issues

Laser dentistry is used as a treatment for many kinds of oral issues, on both soft and hard tissue. Dr. Patel uses a soft tissue laser. This can treat things like a gummy smile, cold sores, and gum disease.In addition, Dr. Patel can do procedures like gum recontouring and frenectomies in the office. These are procedures that are typically done at a specialized office for oral surgery. With the laser, there’s no need to take a trip to another office.

It’s Less Painful

Treatment with a laser is significantly less painful than normal surgeries. Instead of possibly needing to be completely sedated, most people are fine with just local anesthesia for laser treatment. As is expected with surgical procedures, there will be a bit of pain and swelling after. This is usually just treatable with over-the-counter pain medication, and should only last a couple of days before feeling better.

The Laser Keeps Things Clean

Because of the heat of the laser, the targeted area is sterilized by it. This gives you a lower chance of getting an infection after the procedure. It also means less blood during the surgery. When the laser is doing the cutting, it’s also sealing the blood vessels along the way. This makes it an especially good option for people that need dental work but are worried about things like blood thinner medication.For cases of gum disease, lasers provide a more comfortable option. They can remove the plaque and buildup that’s under the gum line, as well as any damaged gum tissue. During this process, the tooth roots are also smoothed out to discourage more buildup in the future.

A Laser Dentist in Hilliard, Ohio

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